Tragic Fire In Stamford, CT, Kills Family Of Ad Executive

Stamford Fire

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The house of advertising executive Madonna Badger in Stamford, Connecticut, caught fire early Christmas morning. Badger and her companion escaped, but Badger’s parents and three daughters were killed.

The house is located in an upscale area of Stamford called the Shippan Peninsula, which overlooks Long Island Sound. The house, a Victorian, was built in 1895. Badger bought it last year.

The fire started at about 4:30 in the morning. Badger, 47, managed to get out, and screamed for help. By the time the fire crews arrived, flames were pouring out of the windows, and the intense heat prevented them from rescuing her parents and children, Lily, 10, and Grace and Sarah, 7.

Officials have not yet determined the cause of the fire. The house was undergoing renovations, but the initial report suggested that they were not the cause.

This is an unimaginable tragedy, especially for anyone with children, and our hearts go out to Badger. Stamford’s mayor, Michael Pavia, called it a “terrible, terrible day in the history of Stamford.”

Badger is the founder of Badger and Winters, a branding consulting firm in the fashion industry.

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