Traffic To News Sites Reached An All-Time High In April

ComScore just released its U.S. Web traffic stats for April 2012, and the fastest growing category from last month was news sites.

Traffic to general news sites was up 12%, to 183 million unique visitors during the month. The top five were ranked as follows:

  • Yahoo-ABC: 89.1 million unique monthly visitors
  • HPMG: 59.4 million
  • CNN: 57.4 million
  • CBS: 39.3 million
  • USA Today, 34.1 million.

For overall traffic, the rankings haven’t changed much over the last nine months, with a few major exceptions:

  • Turner Digital traffic has been on a steady downward trend for the last year. Overall, it’s fallen 22% since last year, to about 77 million unique monthly visitors.
  • Wikimedia has grown about 29% to 85 million uniques.
  • Apple has grown 17%, to about 79 million uniques.

Here’s a chart showing the top 11 sites in Apr. 2012, and their status over the last year.

comScore web traffic

Photo: comScore

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