Traffic App Waze Doubles From 10 To 20 Million Users In 6 Months


Waze, a traffic and navigation app, has been growing rapidly.

In the past six months, Waze says its users have jumped from 10 million to more than 20 million.  Last month, 1.8 million new users joined Waze.

Waze relies on the community to give real-time traffic reports. If a user is on Waze while driving and hits traffic, a red line will appear behind the vehicle on Waze’s map to alert others in real time. Drivers can take pictures of accidents so other drivers will know why they’re not moving. They can also alert other drivers of upcoming speed traps.

Waze raised $30 million last October from investors that include Horizons Ventures Hong Kong and Kleiner Perkins. It’s an Israel-based company that was founded in 2009.