21 Awesome Home Trading Desk Setups From Around The World

If you want to trade the markets you have to live the markets — that means turning your trading desk into your second home.

That’s why we put out a call to our readers to send in pictures of their oh-so-important spaces, and the response was just awesome.

The desks came in from Croatia to Chicago, Brazil to Switzerland. You sent us everything from massive desks with a bunch of screens to killer views that likely make the day go by a lot faster.

Thanks. Keep ’em coming.

If you would like to include your trading desk set up, feel free to send an email to [email protected] and [email protected] with a photo and a brief description.

This set-up comes from a trader in Switzerland. He uses Interactive Brokers to trade stocks and options and uses various market data tools. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 shown is also running Interactive Brokers for his mobile needs.

This desk comes from a trader in Macedonia. This trading desk is an all Apple setup and consists of an iMac 27' mid 2011 edition (for charts) , MacBook Air 13' 2013 edition (trading room activities) , iPad 2 (for news). In addition you will see an iPhone 5 and a e-cigarette.

Here's a European natural gas trading operation. This desk is based in Prague, Czech Republic.

This is a BrainBrane Trading Desk based in Venice, Italy. The traders use Interactive Brokers, Reuters and proprietary software for stocks, option and high frequency trading.

This desk is from a trader in Argentina.

This desk belongs to a recent high school graduate.

This desk belongs to Twitter user @MountainTrades based in Oak Ridge NC. He's been trading equities full-time for 15 years.

This desk belongs to a Los Angeles-based options trader focusing on premium selling as his main strategy. He uses Thinkorswim for charting and Silexx Obsidian for order entry.

A trader in Croatia uses this desk to trade currencies. He uses OANDA as his broker. That's Oanda's charting platform on the monitors. He usually trades intraday when there is higher volatility in markets to exploit fast moves with breakout strategies.

A Brazilian trader explained that what's different about his desk is that he uses one of his monitors vertically instead of horizontally (There wasn't enough space to use it normally).

This trader is based in Chicago as seen seen from the Bears sticker on his chair! He uses Sterling Software, which recently merged with PTS (Professional Trading Solutions). He watches CNBC via slingbox on one of his screens.

This desk comes from a trader in Portland, Maine.

This desk comes from the United Arab Emirates.

This trader has a sleek set-up in Miami. He also trades from remote locations.

Here's the same trader's set-up from the Laguna Seca raceway in California (during AMG driving school).

This set up belongs to Twitter user @Modern_Rock.

This desk comes from a trader in Brazil. He apparently likes to watch Bloomberg's 'Market Makers.'

This desk belongs to a trader in New Jersey. You might notice the bike seat in the photo.

That's because he has a VR cycling system by his desk.

This set up belongs to Nathan Michaud of InvestorsLive.com.

Here's another shot of the InvestorsLive setup.

Want to see some more desks?

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