Traders Have Already Started Making The Requisite Schnitznel Jokes At The NYSE

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Nobody, including the traders inside its hallowed walls, saw the NYSE’s merger with the Deutsche Börse coming.

Of course now that the idea of the partnership has had a few days to settle in, and traders have had time to think about how this change will affect them, they’re ready to laugh!

And of course, the jokes they’re making are about food.

Deutsche Well reporters spoke to traders about impending nuptials and there’s apparently been an “outbreak of wisecracks,” about schnitzel, beer and learning to say Guten Tag.

“The Blue Room, one of the trading areas, is tipped to become the “Hofbräuhaus” beer hall. In the cafeteria, the beloved pastrami sandwiches are rumoured to be about to give way to wiener schnitzel. People are joking that they had better sign up for German language classes.”

We’re guessing the jokes are funnier in person.

Also, apparently a lot of the traders, when they heard the news, thought New Yorkers would be buying up the Germans, not the other way around. And they got scared.

“At first I though it was like the Budweiser deal. Wall Street is also an American icon that’s going to be taken over by the Europeans,” a trader told Deutsche Welle. The Budweiser deal of course, saw a brand long-associated with America, taken over by Europe’s Anheuser-Busch InBev in 2008.

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