Traders are all passing around this charting game

Late this afternoon in Sydney, traders were passing around this link.

It’s a simple trading game on Bloomberg which gets you to try picking an entry point and an exit point on a share price chart from a real security.

The catches are:

  • you don’t know the company name
  • sometimes you don’t know what year it is

So you might get shares in, say, Lehman Brothers, but starting in 2006. No fair.

I lost a ton of money by deciding to get in on Zynga, which makes Candy Crush, soon after its IPO.

Having played a few quick times (each turn takes a minute or so), here’s one example where I did OK on gaming company Mad Catz:

I got out of Netflix too early, but still did OK:

And then this. This was fun because the time frame was clearly going over years, making the ticker move slowly. But then came the horrifying result:

In case you can’t read the stock: it’s Enron.

Good fun. Head over to Bloomberg to try it >>

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