TRADER DIARY: All The Key Data And Event Risks This Week

Getty/Mario Tama

The last two weeks’ massive data flow gives way to the usual third-week lull of the month.

But that is not to say there is nothing of import because we still have the US Federal Reserve meeting, decision and announcement. Key here will be how, or if, the Fed addresses the obvious weakness in Q1 2014 and the equally apparent rebound in Q2.

This is particularly poignant after the Bank of England governor Mark Carney warned of higher rates in the UK last week. We’ll also see the release of the BoE minutes and vote cut, so we’ll get a chance to judge just how close the next move might be.

Locally, there is some secondary data to be released.

Regardless of which market you trade, here is Westpac’s great snapshot of all the important developed market economic releases this week.

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