On Wall Street Trading Desks, This Is What They're Chatting About Right Now

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Dave Lutz of Stifel, Nicolaus sends along the top topics about which he is chatting about with clients today.We summarize:

  • Futures modestly reflating. Spanish regional elections a modest tailwind for the Euro.
  • The datapoint that everyone’s watching this week: Chinese Flash PMI on Wednesday (will it confirm the green shoots talk?)
  • Japan has its worth trade month in 30 years. Dispute with China turning into real hit.
  • S&P warns on Japanese sovereign debt. More pressure on the yen.
  • China’s Golden Week saw a big spending spree.
  • Regional elections turn out good for Spanish PM Rajoy.
  • Everyone’s talking about how central banks could just delete the government debt they’ve purchased via QE.
  • Some Democrats have begun talking about extending the payroll tax cut. Could have possible ratings implications.

And from Michael Block of Phoenix Partners:

  • Gate for Spanish bailout request now pushed back to November 25 and the Catalonian elections.  This is getting ridiculous. 
  • EU Summit accomplished nothing.  Next waste of time is November 22-23 unless Merkel cancels it in a snit.
  • CAT predictably horrible.  Let’s see how it trades.
  • Barron’s doom and gloom on tech usually a good contrary indicator but lets see AAPL andAMZN Thursday, TXN tonight.
  • Last debate tonight.  This is closest race since 1960.


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