On Wall Street Trading Desks, This Is What They're Chatting About Right Now

trading desk

What are the big topics of conversation?

Michael Block of Phoenix Partners Group sends along the big stories.

  • Romney leads in RCP polls now.  He is sending centrists a message on Roe v Wade and other topics.  VP debate tomorrow.
  • China up 2 days in a row – bad numbers = stimulus talk (on vehicles this time)
  • AA headlines better but outlook on aluminium not good.  CVX and CMI guiding down.
  • Tech and consumer remain sources of funds.
  • FDX Analyst Day starts at 9AM.  Liberty day too. 

And Dave Lutz of Stifel Nicolaus also sends along the topics of conversation with clients.

Here’s our summary of his talking points:

  • Equities slightly lower, but volume is light.
  • Signs of improving economic data in China. Shanghai market up two days in a row.
  • PIIGS yields down. Italy cuts borrowing needs.
  • Mario Monti cut the lowest Italian tax rates.
  • Spanish parliament votes to prevent Catalonia from holding an independence referendum.
  • US military sends a task force to Jordan to deal with mass of refugees.
  • Government sues Wells Fargo.
  • FedEx maintains current outlook.

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