Tracy Morgan threatens to 'go back in the coma' after he finds out Donald Trump is leading polls

Tracy Morgan was back in fine form on “The Tonight Show” on Monday night, but threatened to go back into a coma when he found out what went down while he was away.

It started when Morgan congratulated host Jimmy Fallon for beating David Letterman in the ratings. But when the “30 Rock” star learned the reality of the situation, he played it to the hilt.

“He’s not here no more?” Morgan, who was badly injured and went into a coma for two weeks in a June 

2014 accident, said. “I liked that dude! I’m going back in the coma.”

It’s just the kind of nonsensical rant we expect from Morgan. And that was just the start. Fallon tried to talk some sense into Morgan: “It must be wierd,” he said. “This whole thing happened to you, and the coma, and you come out, and everything is different.”

“Yeah, things are different,” Morgan agreed. “Donald Trump is leading in the polls. I’m going back.”

Morgan, who’s starring on a new comedy pilot for FX, also had a lot to say about today’s popular movies.

On “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”: “Hold up! One black dude in the whole galaxy? I’m pissed off, man!”

On “Creed”: “Balboa lost that second fight. Apollo Creed carried that bum for 15 rounds in two movies,” he said. “Balboa lost that second fight!”

The 47-year-old also has some theories about “The Godfather” (which he watched 150 times while recuperating) and he lamented that he never married Barbra Streisand.

“We had kids together, though,” he said. “Barbra, I love you!”

Watch the interview below:

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