Watch Tracy Morgan apologise For His Homophobic Rant (VIDEO)


Deadline Hollywood has the video from the Nashville press conference in which Tracy Morgan officially apologized for his homophobic stand-up remarks.

Morgan had met with GLAAD representatives before sitting down in front of the cameras with Kevin Rogers, the audience member who originally called out Morgan’s behaviour.

Morgan looked chastened as Rogers reiterated that he had been “saddened” by the routine.

Then, it was Morgan’s turn to talk: “I didn’t mean it,” he said, adding “I don’t have a hateful bone in my body. I don’t believe that anybody should be bullied or made to feel bad about who they are… I really don’t care who you love, same-sex or not, as long as you have the ability to love.”

Before departing the conference, Morgan and Rogers hugged for the cameras.

Video below.

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