These 20-Something Founders Helped Lil Wayne Get 36 Million Facebook Fans

Tracks.byMazy Kazerooni (co-founder) on the left, Lil Wayne, Matt Schlicht (CEO) on the right. They went skating with Lil Wayne.

Photo: Matt Schlicht, a new Facebook app for musicians, helps them get more Facebook co-founders Matt Schlicht (who’s 23) and Mazy Kazerooni (he’s only 21) were early employees at Ustream, where they worked with Lil Wayne on his digital strategy. 

For the past two and a half years, the two founders helped Lil Wayne grow from 1 million fans to 36 million. 

“We needed a way to send certain content to the true fans. There wasn’t any way for us to do this, so we decided to build it,” Schlicht said.


While the five-person team started in June 2011, the platform opened to any artist last week. Schlicht said they were working with 100 artists in an exclusive private beta, and so far those artists have 200 million fans combined just on Facebook.

The trick is to force fans who to “like” artists on Facebook in order to play their music. also lets fans sign up to get an email when the artist comes out with a new song, Schlicht said.

Right now, artists can put songs from YouTube and SoundCloud on to their Facebook pages. 

It’s been very Facebook focused, but soon they’re going to let users follow artists on Twitter as well.

But can it work for no-name artists? 

Sure you’ve heard of Lil Wayne.. but you probably haven’t heard of Lil Twist. He has over 2 million fans.

“He’s an example of artists [we work with, who] you’ve never heard,” he said.

If you want an invite, click here. It will give you priority access.

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