Today Anyone In The World Can Be A Lethal Sniper

For more than four centuries firearm manufacturers have done everything they could to make their products deadlier and more accurate. Given metallurgical advancements and chemical work in composites, the styles and weight of rifles has changed dramatically, but they’ve remained only as effective as  the person firing them. Until now.

Normally, producing a sniper level rifleman in the U.S. military requires 21 weeks minimum. Nearly half a year, to complete 14 weeks of Basic Training, and another seven weeks at Sniper School. 

Achieving that level of skill remained the privilege of a few, but not anymore.

Tracking Point has released its Precision Guided Firearms with jet fighter “lock and launch” technology allowing “anyone regardless of skill level to hit moving targets at extended range.”

The rifle claims to magnify human ability using precision ammunition, a network tracking scope, a guided trigger and a heads up display. It allows an average shooter to bring down targets at over 1,200 yards. More than half a mile in the distance.

The fighter jet technology eliminates mis-aiming, trigger jerk, and general miscalculations. It’s even wireless and has voice, data, and video connectivity to digital displays.

The rifles range from $17,5000 to $25,500 and can be seen in the Tracking Point Video below that does have an HD setting.

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