These Are The Toys That Every Kid Will Want This Year

ferrari push cart


Good news for kids—parents are splurging on toys again.Grandparents and parents are reverting to their pre-recession mentality and springing for luxury toys like mini-Cadillacs and giant stuffed animals, Adrienne Appell at the Toys Industry Association told us.

“There’s more of a willingness to spend from the consumer on special occasions like birthdays and holidays,” Appell said. “So the companies are more optimistic about releasing expensive toys.”

Appell gave us her short-list for what happy kids will unwrap this year.

Here's a set of wheels for girls—the Power Wheels Cadillac Escalade by Fisher Price. It has working doors and a maximum speed of 5 mph. It's $400.

Here's the First Act Electric Guitar Pack with Amp for kids. It retails for $130.

This plush giraffe by Melissa & Doug generally retails for about $100.

This Wi-Sky remote-controlled car also comes in a helicopter variety and is controlled by a smartphone or iPad. The retail price is $130.

This Ferrari push cart by Berg Toys will get your tot around in style. At $525, it's a splurge.

Here's a battery operated Mercedes SUV that's actually a miniature version of a luxury car. It's $489. It also has a functioning FM radio.

This is the Razor flash rider 360 trike. It spins and has a spark bar. It's about $100.

Here's the Fisher Price Kid-Tough Portable DVD player. It's designed with a kid-friendly interface and the ability to survive drop after drop. It's $225.

Here's the Alvin Child Pad Tablet. It's recommended for ages 7 and up and will go on sale in June for $130. It has big icons and an interface that's easy for kids to use.

Here's the Spin Master Toys CHLD Gryphon 2. It's a remote-controlled helicopter that promises to be extremely accurate in navigation. It's $100.

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