Toys R Us has started its going-out-of-business sales, but there’s a good reason to wait to shop there

Toys R Us is kicking off sales with a 10% discount. Twitter/@jrmyee
  • Toys R Us’ clearance sales have begun.
  • Customers are complaining on social media that the discounts aren’t living up to expectations.
  • The discounts are expected to increase in the coming weeks as the stores clear inventory.

Toys R Us is now running its going-out-of-business sales, but customers are already complaining that its discounts aren’t living up to expectations.

After Thursday’s disappointing announcement that sales had been postponed, Toys R Us customers dashed to stores early Friday morning to shop the delayed going-out-of-business sales.

The company posted a more cautious announcement on its liquidation information site, saying that it was “expecting” sales to start at all of its 735 stores on Friday; 170 stores already started sales in January.

Toys R Us did not confirm to Business Insider whether all 735 stores went on sale on Friday. A sales assistant at its Greenville, South Carolina, store told Business Insider that the sale had started there. Dozens of shoppers have also confirmed on social media that other locations are on sale.

But after all the build-up, some are walking away disappointed.

“Toys R Us so damn expensive even with a discount no wonder it’s closing,” on Twitter user wrote.

“ToysRUs sale is a bit of a let down. Whole store is ‘up to 30% off’ I don’t think I saw a single area that was tagged higher than 10% off, though. Also the board game I wanted was already gone,” another Twitter user wrote.

A sales assistant from the Greenville store told Business Insider that the discounts would start at 10%. These will increase in the coming weeks as the store tries to clear inventory, so it could pay off to wait before heading out on a shopping spree there.

Once all the inventory is cleared, these stores will close, so you’ll want to time your visit for right before the stores run out of stock.

Toys R Us

Customers are now complaining that even in its sales, Toys R Us is not competing with rivals on price.

Toys R Us
Toy R Us

In a bankruptcy filing earlier this month, Toys R Us blamed Target, Walmart, and Amazon for its demise, claiming that these retailers created the “perfect storm” to kill off the chain after cutting prices on toys during the holiday season. Toys R Us said it could not offer such low prices because it relies exclusively on toys for profit.

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