Successful Young Business Owners Give Their Tips For Success In Scion's Latest Ad Campaign

As Scion enters its second decade of existence, the California-based brand is no longer just the youth-oriented division of Toyota’s North American operation.

As the world has appeared to move on from the car customisation-craze that ran rampant in the early 2000’s, so has the car brand whose initial calling card was affordability and a wide array of aftermarket parts.

Although the brand is no longer considered a youthful operation, Scion is still very much an upstart in the automotive world. Outside of Tesla, few automakers selling cars in the U.S. can identify as closely with the trials and tribulations of an upstart entrepreneur than Scion.

Scion For The Driven Matthew CloughYoutube/ScionStone + Cloth founder Matthew Clough

As an automaker, Scion has a reputation for taking bold chances on products and strategy with the same ingenuity as many startup entrepreneurs, Scion vice president Doug Murtha told Business Insider.

“Scion’s role, as a brand, is to serve as a laboratory,” Murtha said.

Scion’s role is also to sell more cars. According to Murtha, Scion sells 50-60,000 cars annually. However, the brand aspires to push that figure past 100,000.

The company’s latest media campaign, called “For the Driven,” highlights the value Scion can bring to young entrepreneurs. In a series of short vignettes — set to air on national television and online — Scion profiles a series of up-and-coming entrepreneurs from the Los Angeles area.

Scion For The Drive PrellYoutube/scionMakeup artist Prell Charusanti

The small businesses profiled in the series — that range from restaurateurs to makeup artists — offer their advice on the secrets of success in the realm of small business.

Murtha doesn’t think Scion’s new-found focus on entrepreneurship is a major shift in strategy from the youth-oriented image the brand embraced in its early days.

“Scion has always supported those who pursue their personal passions,” Murtha said.

Content for the ad campaign was developed by Scion’s agency, San Francisco-based ATTIK. Murtha said that ATTIK not only understands the esprit de corps of the Scion brand, but also of small business owners.

Or as the vignettes put it, Scion is for those who don’t sit around waiting for things to change — it’s for those who take the challenges head on.

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