Toyota Turncoat May Get The Last Laugh

AP Toyota Speech

Dimitrios Biller, the former counsel for Toyota who has made a personal mission of revealing the automaker’s devious, alleged coverups, was asked by the Congress yesterday to turn over all documents relating to safety and litigation defects involved in his 2008 lawsuit.

Wall Street Journal: Mr. Biller’s attorney, Jeffrey F. Allen, based in Santa Monica, Calif., said he received the subpoena and planned to turn over the documents to Congress. Mr. Biller, through Mr. Allen, declined to comment.

Mr. Biller is suing Toyota under federal racketeering laws. The lawsuit, which says Toyota agreed to a $3.7 million severance payment for Mr. Biller, alleges the auto maker and its executives have conspired to “unlawfully withhold and conceal evidence from plaintiffs and obstruct justice in lawsuits against Toyota throughout the United States.”

Biller was recently prevented from releasing the documents by a California arbitrator, which a spokesman for the plaintiff’s attorney has previously said did not contain a “shred of evidence.”

Biller has said that during 2003-2007, when he was counsel for Toyota, he amassed evidence that the company was destroying evidence. Toyota has consistently denied Biller’s accusations. 

The subpoenaed documents are due by Feb. 23.

Read more at the WSJ.

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