Toyota Just Tore Apart One Of Its Rarest Cars To Make It Solar Powered

Toyota 2000GT Crazy Car Project

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The 2000GT is the most iconic Toyota ever made and what many even consider the first Japanese supercar. These beautiful cars have skyrocketed in value over the last few years; one was even posted on eBay with a $650,000 starting bid in early 2011, according to The New York Times.But one of them has just gotten a thorough mechanical overhaul.

According to Wired, Toyota just took one of the rare beauties and completely overhauled the drivetrain and body as part of their “Crazy Car Project” to create a solar powered car.

On the positive side, this is just about the best looking solar powered EV we have ever seen. It also took some keen engineering to produce solar panels that fit the sloping lines of the hood.

But on the negative side, these engineers have ruined one of the rarest cars in the world in more ways than one. The aftermarket wheels, removed engine, and body modifications do not add anything at all to the original car.

Worst of all, the number of real 2000GTs in the world shrunk by one. That is not a good thing.

We are definitely in favour of new, innovative ways to power cars, just not at the expense of one of the rarest, prettiest, and most significant cars ever made.

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