Toyota Is The World's Most Valuable Car Brand But Germany Reigns Overall

The Italdesign Giugiaro Clipper is presented during the Volkswagen Group preview ahead of the opening day of the 84th International Motor Show in Geneva

Toyota has retained its status as the world’s most valuable car brand, according to the The Brand Finance Auto 100 released today.

Brand Finance, the global brand valuation consultancy, says impressive growth of 34% means Toyota’s brand is now worth USD 34.9 billion ahead of BMW (USD 29 billion) and Volkswagen (USD 27 billion).

Looking ahead, Toyota must negotiate the potential pothole of a 1.9 million unit recall of its Hybrid Prius model and the resulting loss of consumer confidence.

Toyota has faced similar challenges in recent years and while brand value took a hit in the short term it also rebounded quickly.

Ferrari is again the world’s most powerful auto brand, in fact the most powerful brand from any industry.

It scores highly on a wide variety of measures on Brand Finance’s Brand Strength Index, from desirability, loyalty and consumer sentiment to visual identity, online presence and employee satisfaction.

The exceptional AAA+ brand rating has been preserved thanks to the strategic decision to cap production at 7000, maintaining the brand’s exclusivity. As a result, despite a 4% fall in production last year, brand value rose 12% to $US4 billion.

German, Japanese and American brands dominate the table, accounting for 74% of the total USD388 billion brand value.

France and Italy’s share of brand ownership is increasingly threatened by rising Asian manufacturers based in India, South Korean and China.

The UK, a leader in automotive technology and the base for eight Formula 1 teams and the original home of brands now worth $US13.6 billion, but none of the world’s top 100 auto brands are British-owned.

Though foreign ownership may be a blow to national pride much of the manufacturing, marketing and branding infrastructure has remained in the UK.

Many auto brands of British origin are thriving. Land Rover (whose brand value is up 43% to $US4.3 billion) Jaguar (up 58%) Mini (up 42%) and Bentley (up 27%) re finding huge success.

The brand value of the top 50 brands rose by $US55 billion to $US346 billion, and the gross margins of the five biggest manufacturers are the highest they have been for 10 years.

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