Toyota's New Sports Car Concept Has The Coolest Mirrors We've Ever Seen

Toyota started the Detroit Auto Show with a bang this morning, unveiling a concept sports car that’s so far the craziest thing we’ve seen in 2014.

Toyota says the new FT1 (for Future Toyota) represents a desire to make cars that “connect more deeply with customers” — in other words, make them more exciting, without losing the reliability and quality that has been the automaker’s hallmark.

It’s certainly exciting. The FT1, which likely hints at a successor to Toyota’s much-loved Supra sports car, is chock full of outrageous design details.

Let’s start with our favourite: the side view mirrors. In a production version, they’d have to be bigger to meet federal regulations, but we really hope they stick with the general form shown here:

Then there’s the awesome glass part of the hood that reveals the FT1’s engine. Toyota gave no details on performance specs. In this photo, you can also see the head’s up display (HUD). In cars, HUDs usually project information onto the windshield. This one looks more like what you find in fighter jets:

Just look at the curves in the door. Over the top:

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