Toyota Australia Has Decided That 2,600 Jobs Will Go

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Toyota Australia will cut its work force by two-thirds as it shifts from manufacturer to a sales and distribution network.

The workforce will be cut to about 1,300 from 3,900 people, including the loss of manufacturing and corporate jobs and the creation of some new roles.

Toyota is working toward ending operations in 2017, when the other two big manufacturers, Ford and Holden, will also close.

The company will consolidate its corporate functions to Melbourne, impacting its operations currently located in Sydney.

The head office will continue to be based in Port Melbourne and most of the Altona manufacturing site will be retained for new and relocated functions.

Toyota Australia President Dave Buttner said that the decisions were based on an extensive evaluation process.

“This year has been extremely tough for everyone at Toyota Australia,” he said.

“These changes will provide us with the best opportunity to have a strong and sustainable base for the next fifty years and beyond.”

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