A murder investigation is underway after the body of a 24-year-old pharmacy worker was found on a Cairns beach

Toyah Cordingley / Facebook

Queensland Police are seeking the public’s help in solving the suspected murder of 24-year-old Toyah Cordingley, whose body was found on a quiet beach near Cairns on Monday.

Cordingley had driven to Wangetti beach, 38km north of Cairns, on Sunday to walk her dog and went missing that afternoon.

Her large dog was found unharmed at the beach and her car was still at the site.

Police believe the attack may have been random, and sexually motivated.

Detective Senior Sergeant Ed Kinbacher said: “This is not a highly frequented area. People notice each other at Wangetti Beach.”

Police are asking for anyone who was in the area at the time to come forward.

“It may well be the case this young woman has run into a stranger or potentially a person known to her and circumstances have unfolded that have led to her death,” he said.

“We have no preconceptions at all to what has unfolded here.”

Toyah Cordingley / Facebook

Cordingley was a pharmacy worker and animal lover who had previously worked at a local animal shelter, Paws and Claws, owned by local councillor Michael Kerr.

“She was an absolutely loyal employee of Paws and Claws. She was one of the most beautiful souls. It’s tragic,” Kerr told the Cairns Post.

“She adored animals, she was on a different level with animals, than humans. She had something special with animals. Even the troubled dogs would calm down in her presence.”

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