People think Andy looks like he's had plastic surgery in the trailer for 'Toy Story 4'

Disney Pixar / YouTubeAndy plays with Buzz and Jessie.
  • The official trailer for “Toy Story 4” dropped on Tuesday out of nowhere, and people have a lot of feelings about it.
  • Many have noticed that Andy, the toys’ original kid, has had quite the transformation over the years.
  • Some joked that he’s had facial plastic surgery to look different, while others say Pixar must have forgotten what he looked like.
  • However, in the latest trailer, we could be looking at Andy’s son, rather than the original Andy.
  • Or Pixar’s technology has just gotten better and the creators thought Andy needed an upgrade.

Disney Pixar dropped the full trailer for “Toy Story 4” on Tuesday, and everyone who grew up in the 90s has a lot of feelings about it.

Nobody thought there could be an ending sadder than that of “Toy Story 3,” but it turns out Woody’s self doubt and the existentialism of a plastic spork asking why it’s alive could result in a movie that has us sobbing even harder.

But there’s something else in the trailer that has people scratching their heads – flashbacks of the toys’ original kid Andy.

In the original films, Andy looked remarkably different than he does in the trailer.

He still has the same bright blue eyes, but his face shape is much more round.

AndyDisney PixarThe original Andy, left, vs. the new Andy, right.

Fans on Twitter were quick to point out the changes, suggesting Pixar had forgotten what Andy actually looked like.

“Andy had plastic surgery!?” tweeted one person, while another said: “Andy from Toy Story will go down in history as the youngest child on Earth to go through intense facial reconstruction surgery 4 times.”^tfw

However, others put forward the theory that it could actually be a fast forward, not a flashback.

The trailer shows the boy playing with Buzz and Jessie in a room with Andy’s recognisable posters, wallpaper, and red lamp, but some have suggested this could be because it’s Andy’s son.

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Of course, it could simply be because Pixar’s technology gets better and better, and the creators decided Andy needed an upgrade.

Whatever the reason for Andy’s transformation, “Toy Story 4” is set to be an emotional rollercoaster when it’s released on June 21 2019, so get the tissues ready.^tfw

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