Tourists rescued from car swept away by flash flooding in central Australia

Flooding at Kintore. Image: NT Police

Tourists reported missing after their car floated away in the Hugh River, swollen by heavy rain in central Australia, have been found safe and well.

Norther Territory Police say they have only minor injuries after their car was swept from a causeway downstream where it stopped against a tree.

A man managed to get shelter in a tree in the middle of the swollen river. The woman was washed into a shallow area.

A police search party swam out to the man and pulled him to dry ground. The couple, believed to be from Taiwan and from Hong Kong, were taken to hospital in Alice Springs for assessment.

Roads in the area remain impassable and police urge people to exercise extreme caution.

“If possible, please delay any travel in areas affected by floods,” a spokesman says.

Six people reported missing in a remote area as they travelled from Western Australia to central Australia were all found safe.

They had set off on Christmas Day from Kiwirrkurra in Western Australian to go to Kintore, 520 km west of Alice Springs, when their two vehicles were bogged.

Four of them were rescued by helicopter. The other two, who went for help, were at the Kintore clinic receiving medical treatment.

The same rain caused flash flooding at Kintore. Northern Territory Police evacuated 96 people to the local school on Sunday.

The heavy rain has made roads, normally dry and safe, impassable around Alice Springs. Uluru had to be closed on Boxing Day but has since reopened.

Uluru in the rain. Image: Parks Australia

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