Tourists Are Doing Something Incredibly Stupid With A Great White Shark In An Australian Lake

Tourists have been leaning out the side of their small boat to capture a better photo of the great white shark which has been swimming around an Australian lake.

Here’s the photo Nine News has obtained of a woman leaning out of an inflatable boat, dangerously close to the shark.

The 2.5 metre juvenile shark was spotted by a fisherman in Lake Macquarie, north of Sydney, last week.

Locals are now calling it “The White” and have been getting very close to the shark.

Here’s the video fisherman took of the shark last week spotted swimming off Murrays Beach.

Over the weekend The Newcastle Herald obtained footage was released of the shark jumping out of the water and circling a boat.

Here’s the video.

Locals believe it is the same shark involved in the past week’s string of sightings.

Lake Macquarie is Australia’s largest coastal salt water lake. Commercial fishing ceased in the area in 2002.

There have also been numerous bull shark and hammerhead shark sightings in the lake over the past few years.

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