Tourism Bosses Are Calling On The Government To Prioritise Policymaking After Outstanding Performance For Q3

Tourism Australia – Ningaloo, WA

The Australian tourism industry has produced its best results in more than five years, exceeding third quarter expectations by 20 points compared to the same time last year.

The results have lead industry leaders to reiterate the strength of the tourism sector and how it could be a valuable economic strategy for the country as the mining boom subsides.

According to a recent industry sentiment survey, almost 50% of the industry’s leaders think the Government needs to improve national policymaking.

The Tourism and Transport Forum chief Ken Morrison has said capitalising on the results could create employment opportunities and economic growth.

“Making the most of this opportunity requires a commitment to adequate funding for tourism marketing and investment in demand-driving tourism infrastructure and we are calling on state and federal governments to seize this opportunity and help the sector grow,” Morrison said.

“Tourism already directly employs more than 530,000 people across Australia, but it has been identified as a super-growth sector which can help deliver an additional $250 billion in GDP over the next 20 years.”

Tourism executives are confident the trend is set to continue as the Australia dollar eases, enticing more international travellers to visit.

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