Tourism Australia just released its second 'Crocodile Dundee' ad -- watch it here


  • A second instalment of the Tourism Australia’s “Dundee” ad is out
  • Australian actor Luke Hemsworth stars as the narrator
  • The Dundee campaign is part of Tourism Australia’s $36 million push to attract more American tourists

Luke Hemsworth – older brother of Chris and Liam, and billed as the “original Hemsworth” – stars in a new commercial for Tourism Australia, following up on the fake “Crocodile Dundee” movie campaign which first aired at the Superbowl earlier this year.

The first Dundee ad was a smash hit, seen by more than 1 billion people within a month of it being launched.

It starred Luke’s slightly more famous brothers Chris and Liam, and a raft of famous Aussies — Hugh Jackman, Margot Robbie, Russell Crowe, Isla Fisher, Ruby Rose, and Jessica Mauboy.

The original Dundee ad for the Superbowl caused lots of noise about a possible remake of the 1986 Australian classic “Crocodile Dundee” movie, before it was revealed as a marketing campaign.

The new instalment is a simpler affair, and features Hemsworth taking the viewer on a “tour of the movie set” that is Australia.

The viewer is shown images of the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Sydney Harbour, and Freycinet Peninsula in Tasmania, with Hemsworth’s voice-over, explaining the beachy “back lots” to the best “on-set catering”.

The campaign is the brainchild of Tourism Australia’s $36 million push to attract more American tourists to visit.

Tourism Australia CMO Lisa Ronson said they hired the three Hemsworths as they are the perfect fit for the true-blue lead roles.

“Casting Luke was a no brainer, rounding out a ‘hat-trick of Hemsworths’ after having cast his brothers Chris and Liam in the original ad,” Ronson told AdNews.

“The brothers truly are three genuine Australians who perfectly epitomise the easy going, sense of fun that we know is such a big part of our country’s international appeal.”

The ad itself came from humble beginnings. Tourism Australia boss John O’Sullivan met with original “Crocodile Dundee” movie star Paul Hogan for a coffee in a cafe behind a nursery in Sydney’s northern suburbs last year to pitch the idea.

Watch the new Tourism Australia ad below.

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