Tourism Australia has helped bring David Attenborough back Down Under

David Attenborough/ Network Ten.

Tourism Australia and Atlantic Productions have teamed up to bring the legendary English broadcaster and naturalist, David Attenborough back to Australia.

Attenborough will film a three-part documentary on the Great Barrier Reef to promote Australia’s marine environment.

It’s the first time the documentary icon has been to Australia in nearly 60 years.

The national tourism organisation will inject $1.5 million into the “multi-platform” media venture, which is expected to air early next year in more than 130 countries.

During his three-week exploration of the GBR, Attenborough used new technologies to explore the reef and its inhabitants, and said reef diving is one of the “most exciting” natural history experiences he has ever done.

“Being on the reef is a revelatory, thrilling and unbeatable experience and with this project we’re going to be able to share it with millions,” said Attenborough.

Queensland’s GBR attracts more than 1.9 million visitors each year and with 90% of the direct economic contribution in the region derived from tourism, and travellers from the UK, US, Singapore and Japan all ranked it as the most appealing Australian attraction.

Tourism Australia Managing Director, John O’Sullivan said David Attenborough, “one of the world’s greatest presenters of natural history content”, and the Great Barrier Reef, “arguably the world’s most recognised natural wonder” was the perfect match.

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