A plane model once used to train flight attendants was turned into a sleek tiny house. Take a look inside.

Courtesy of The Tiny House GuysThis tiny house used to be a plane model.
  • The Tiny House Guys turned a section of a plane’s fuselage into a tiny house. It’s now on sale for $US36,312.
  • Inside the house, you can find a bathroom, a living space, and a small kitchen.
  • Some features of the original plane are still intact, such as the windows, the jump seat, and “exit” signage.
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The tiny house movement is reaching new heights.

The Tiny House Guys, a building company in Australia, has created a tiny house using a decommissioned aeroplane model, which they are now selling for $US55,000 AUD ($US36,312). They say the house, which they have named “Aero Tiny,” is “Australia’s most unique tiny home.”

Keep reading to see how the company turned the model into a home.

Before it was turned into a tiny house, this section of a plane’s fuselage was used as a training apparatus for flight attendants in Brisbane, Australia.

Courtesy of The Tiny House GuysThe aeroplane.

It replicated a Dash 8 aircraft, a model the airline no longer uses, so it was put up for sale.

Rick Keel and his company, Tiny House Guys, said he saw the listing on Facebook and decided to buy it for $US2,000 AUD ($US1,320).

Courtesy of The Tiny House GuysThe plane.

“As soon as I saw it for sale, I knew something special could be made from it,” Keel told Insider. “We bought it straight away and shipped it to our trailer manufacturer to be mounted onto a custom-built trailer designed around it.”

The result is a fully functional and livable tiny house.

Courtesy of The Tiny House GuysThe tiny house.

Keel said it took him and his team of electricians, plumbers, carpenters, roofers, and painters six weeks to completely remodel the 5 1/2-by-9-foot plane part.

“The more unusual, the better for us, as we relish in a challenge, craftsmanship, and quality of product. It’s the foundation for our homes as we are not interested in producing high volume generic models,” he said.

The plane’s original door, which has a staircase, was kept in the remodel.

Courtesy of The Tiny House GuysThe original door.

“Originally it was on a stand set high enough for the door to open to the correct height, so during construction of the trailer we ensured the same door height was achieved to allow correct door function,” Keel said.

The other side of the tiny house has a small, rolling deck.

Courtesy of The Tiny House GuysThe back of the tiny house.

The deck can be easily taken down before the home is moved.

Inside, the house has a kitchen, living space, and a bathroom.

Courtesy of The Tiny House GuysInside the tiny house.

The table next to the couch folds against the wall for more room in the living space.

The aeroplane seats were replaced and the fold-down couch is now in their place.

Courtesy of The Tiny House GuysThe couch/bed.

“We removed the seats to allow for more room,” Keel said.

The kitchen is minimal but has a sink, white cabinetry, and space for a mini-fridge.

Courtesy of The Tiny House GuysThe kitchen.

There is a hot water tank and pump underneath the floor, and the rest of the house’s electricity operates on solar energy and batteries.

At the back of the house, you will find the bathroom.

Courtesy of The Tiny House GuysThe bathroom.

“We have added a bathroom including toilet and shower to where the external rear stairs once were,” Keel said.

Some of the plane’s original structures still remain. If you look closely, for example, you can see the flight attendant jump seat next to the door.

Courtesy of The Tiny House GuysThe jump seat.

The emergency exit window was also kept in the redesign, and you can see it just above the couch.

Some of the original signage has also remained.

Courtesy of The Tiny House GuysThe exit sign.

The “exit” sign and the illumination strips can be seen throughout the tiny house.

The house is now for sale for $US55,000 AUD ($US36,312) and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Courtesy of The Tiny House GuysThe tiny house plane.

“The Tiny Aero is a one-off build, and we think it would have to be Australia’s most unique tiny home,” Keel said.

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