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Photo: Daniel Goodman / Business Insider

Refinery29, a fast growing fashion media company, is booming. We checked out its office last April but it has since outgrown that space.Back then Refinery 29 had 26 employees; now there are 60. We headed over to the new office to see what had changed.

The scene on entry. Behind the desk right now is Alex Cassutt, she is an editorial intern. The interns take turns behind the front desk.

Much of the office furniture is lined with this warm reclaimed wood.

They do a lot of their own photography and we stumbled across a shoot in progress.

Nearby there was a meeting going on.

The sign in the back is actually Refinery29 in 2011 in numbers. We got a closer shot after the meeting.

Next to the meeting room is a giant Refinery29 logo.

And nearby are these colourful lampshades.

Now we head into the main office area.

Refinery29 uses ChartBeat to monitor site traffic. We actually use it here at Business Insider.

Kristian Laliberte is a Senior Editor at Refinery29. He has been with the company for 2 years. Originally from Massachusetts, he attended Columbia then stayed in New York.

There are some cool items above his desk.

He got the flask for Christmas with this little bottle of Jack Daniel's. He is saving it for a special occasion.

Bathrooms doors have a nautical feel with circular windows.

Here is the company's inspiration wall.

It is filled with cool images.

And accessories and odds and ends that inspire the staff.

Even the light fixtures are chic.

The inspiration wall isn't the only way Refinery29 keeps its employees thinking about the company's mission and core values.

Annie Greenberg is now the NY Editor, but she started in the company in 2007 as an intern.

She got these flowers from her boyfriend the day before we stopped by. It was in honour of her 350th post.

We move down to the kitchen where we find one of many Refinery29 cups.

Every office needs a quality coffee maker.

And of course we need to go inside the fridge.

Nicely stocked.

Near the kitchen is a room to test products and view the site.

To make it soundproof it has been covered in foam.

Christene Barberich is the Editor-in-Chief and she has been with the company since day one! As a result she has some awesome stuff around her desk.

The pig with wings was a gift. The chocolate reindeer helps her build her will-power...she often stares at it longingly.

She also has this champagne bottle. It was a celebratory bottle for the site's one millionth member.

The office has a friendly atmosphere.

This homage to Wilson from Home Improvement is a favourite.

Alex Pressland, originally from London, is Refinery29's Director of Product. Her dog Rudy is very welcome in the office (he wasn't at her last job).

She also has this fantastic photo of her and her mum from back in the day.

The office wouldn't have any staff if it wasn't for the HR (Judi Lee, on the left) and accounting (Oriana Sarkar, on the right) departments back here.

And this guy is named Pato, a character from the children's show Pocoyo. Lee's nephew is fan and she likes the design.

Before we leave, a brief shot with Refinery29 co-founders, Philippe Von Borries (left) and Justin Stefano (right).

Want to check out another rockin' office?

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