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SecondMarket office tour

SecondMarket is a rapidly-growing platform for buying and selling illiquid assets, including stock in private companies like Facebook.

SecondMarket says it tries to maintain a balance between operating like a startup and operating like a finance firm, since, after all, it is both. But aesthetically, SecondMarket’s office is finance all the way.

Which is to say the company has a massive office in a famous building right off of Bowling Green.

When he started hunting for office space, CEO and Founder Barry Silbert says he expected to pay around $40 per square foot for a great space in the financial district. Thanks to a cooperative real estate market, he found this space at 26 Broadway for $20 per square foot, twice as large as he’d planned at 24,000 square feet.

It’s a good thing he went with the larger space; SecondMarket is already planning to expand into vacant offices on its floor.

But the office isn’t just big. It’s also really, really nice.

Check out the offices of SecondMarket >

SecondMarket makes its home in 26 Broadway, the Standard Oil Building, right off of Bowling Green.

The front entrance is directly across from the famous Charging Bull statue. If you want to entertain someone from SecondMarket, mention the symbolism. They never, ever get tired of that.

The lobby is massive. The doorman in the foreground is a veteran of the Soviet-Afghan War. So when he asked us to stop photographing the lobby, we did.

SecondMarket's receptionist is pleasant, but sceptical that slumily dressed journalists are in the right place.

Vice-President and top public relations guy Mark Murphy is right across from reception, so when the public comes in, he can start relating right away.

Founder and CEO Barry Silbert has a really nice office...

This is his view. Not too shabby!

Associate General Counsel Scott Passet receives a visit from Chief Strategy Officer Jeremy Smith.

John-Paul Teutonico, Managing Director of Transaction Services, is very hard at work here, but there's also plenty of Southern Comfort in the office for the merrier times.

The view on this side of the building isn't so great, but Lisa Balter-Saacks, VP of Strategic Partnerships, has a nice setup nonetheless.

Michael Moro VP, Data & Analytics, Chris Chakford, Managing Director, Auction-Rate Securities, and Michael O'Donnell Associate, Data & Analytics

Each market the company trades has one of these pods. These markets don't have enough volume to clear automatically online, so these guys are on the phone making deals happen.

There are a whole lot of them.

It's not quite Barry's office, but the troops have a pretty great view.

A number of the pods have whiteboards like this one where they track the deals they're working on. Unfortunately, we were asked to blur this one out. No tips here.

We got the green light to show you the private company stock board, though. Make of it what you will.

If you're working on confidential deals all day, having someone creeping around you snapping photos can be unsettling. We got a few of these looks.

Despite stiff competition, systems engineer Charles Walters definitely wins Most Screens at SecondMarket. Congratulations!

SecondMarket isn't decorated like your typical startup. All the artwork is by a Kenyan artist who goes by the name Solo7.

The art was brought in by the company's charitable arm, SecondMarket Impact, which provides medical and educational supplies in Kenya. It will be auctioned off later this year.

These are the principles the tech team lives by.

You've seen their office. Now check out what SecondMarket does.

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