Trulia's Beautiful New San Francisco Headquarters Was Inspired By A Tree

Trulia sf officeAshley BatzA dining area at Trulia HQ.

Online real estate platform Trulia has unveiled its swanky new headquarters in San Francisco.

Occupying six floors and 80,000 square feet of space in the swanky high rise at 535 Mission Street in SoMa, Trulia’s new offices are a sight to behold. 

Some of its best features include a beer and coffee bar, game rooms, and a full kitchen on every floor.

The space was designed by Rapt Studio, who also did offices for Google, Adobe, and Eventbrite.

When you enter the office, a plant wall behind the reception desk might be the first thing you notice.

The plants are meant to give visitors the feeling that they're entering someone's home.

And since Trulia's primary focus is to help users find the perfect house, there are plenty of design details inspired by the home.

A giant map of San Francisco adorns one wall.

As you exit the elevator on each floor, a different wall display greets you. There's an arrangement of door knobs and knockers on this floor.

And on this floor there's a gallery of house numbers.

There are nearly 80 different places to meet and do work in Trulia's new offices, which is more than double what the company had in its previous space.

According to Rapt Studio's lead designer Lucas Martin, trees were a major inspiration for the design. 'A tree was the big idea behind the planning,' he told us. 'The users represented the rings. The more rings, the stronger the community.'

The space is organised by concentric rings of rooms, like the rings on a tree.

And large cracks in the ceiling are a reference to similar cracks in wood.

You can see more tree inspiration on the windows to this conference room.

Each of the six floors has its own open kitchen and communal dining area.

There's a variety of seating that Trulians can take advantage of.

Each floor also has its own quiet, cozy library.

An employee committee came together to name all of the different conference rooms. The names follow the theme of home, from fictional homes like the Deathstar and the Bat Cave to animal homes like the Dog House and Bird Cage.

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