You Can Eat At Every 3-Star Michelin Restaurant In The World For $275,000

Foodies travel the world to dine in the very best restaurants, but getting to all of these places is no easy feat.

Two British luxury travel sites, and, have teamed up to offer a tour that will let foodies dine in all 109 3-Michelin starred restaurants in the world.

The program will take about six months and will take guests to all 3-Michelin starred restaurants across 12 countries, including Japan, England, the U.S., Hong Kong, and France.

Guests will sample amazing culinary creations by the world’s best chefs at restaurants like The Fat Duck in England, Lung King Heen in Hong Kong, Sushi Yoshitake in Tokyo, Per Se in New York, and Le Meurice in Paris. They’ll eat at about one restaurant every other day.

Participants will also stay in five-star luxury hotels like the Trump International in New York, the Conrad in Tokyo, the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo, and Claridge’s in London.

“This is a truly exceptional and sensational gourmet travel experience, it is by far the most lavish we have ever organised,” Charles Duncombe of Holidaysplease said, according to the Daily News.

The package costs about $275,000 per couple, including airfare and lodging. Although that might seem like an extraordinary number, when you consider that a meal at one of these restaurants might cost upwards of $1,000,  a hotel room at a luxury property could cost over $1,500 per night, and trans-continental airfare for an around the world trip could run in the hundreds of thousands, it’s actually not a bad deal.

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