"Obama Girl" Startup To Profit In 2010

Obama Girl

Photo: Next New Networks

Next New Networks is an online video network of original web series.Back in the day, they described themselves as “television for the Internet,” but CEO Lance Podell thinks that “people really understand web programming now.” The site consists of nine different networks producing multiple original, episodic shows.

The most popular show is Barely Political’s “Obama Girl” with over 100 million views. Coming in second with over 80 million views is Barely Digital creation “Key of Awesome” – a series of music video parodies.

So, how’s the business?

“Business is great!” says Podell.

Next New Networks attracts around 50 million views a month and adds 5 million more month-over-month. Overall, they have over 900 million views with each episode averaging over 100,000 clicks.

“We’re not profitable yet,” says Lance. “We will be. Probably this year.”

Along with 2010 being their year to turn the corner toward profitability, Next New Networks is looking to launch three more networks with a focus on fitness, gaming, and sports.

They also just moved into a new office location in Manhattan’s Flatiron District this past January. They once shared office space with Boxee, but they have since moved on.

We stopped by the hot video startup to check out what goes on during a normal day. Luckily we had a camera in hand to snap-up some quick pictures of their very active office.

They're on the 10th floor (and in need of an updated sign), so let's make our way up!

Luckily, they're in an elevator-building. No need to stretch our legs here

Once you walk out of the elevator, you're greeted with a wall full of Webby Awards

The Green Screen studio is right next to the elevators. We spotted Mark Douglas (Writer/Producer/Actor for Barely Political and Barely Digital) in the middle of filming

Shhh... The tie on the door means a recording is in session. Takes us back to the good ol' college days

What wardrobe room isn't complete without a shirt with bullet holes and Mr. Potato Head?

CEO Lance Podell tries on a mask/helmet thing. It looks nice!

Right next to the wardrobe room is the office of co-founder Tim Shey...

A goal for Next New Networks is to make their logo as iconic as MTV

That's sort of our inspiration at Next New...

We want to make that little embod as iconic as the MTV

Former Yahoo employee Diane deCordova now heads up Next New Network's branded sales efforts

CEO Lance Podell on his iPad. He thinks it's quite difficult to type on...

... although he manages to pull up a Next New Network show on the iPad. The show is Key Of Awesome (with Mark Douglas)

What are Lance Podell and Tim Shey staring at?...

... The ticker counting to the 1 billion views mark! Lance predicts they will hit the 10 figure mark within two months

Everyone at the office gets a Chipotle burrito! Too many burritos to count, but Lance Podell says on a given day there could be as many as 40 people running around the office

And a line has formed with Liam Collins (VP of Operations), Vanessa Pappas (Director of Audience & Strategic Partnership), and Trish Engelman (Account Manager, Advertising)

Barely Political founder Ben Relles enjoys some guacamole...

... he offers us some, but our hands are full with cameras. We took a picture instead

In a nearby room, we found Jake Strunk editing an episode of Backyard FX (an Indy Mogul show). On screen is host Erik Beck

Next door in the Barely Political office is a 'Rock Band' set up (that comes standard in most startup offices)

Barely Political writer/editor Michael Stevens guides the young, budding stars from different networks across Next New Networks

Michael Stevens decides they needed more people to fill out the background of their shoot. Stepping in are Lance Podell, Jake Chudnow (Barely Political Producer), Ryan Nugent (Manager, Next New Creators Program)...

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