Every year HGTV gives away a free home to a lucky viewer. Here are the million-dollar dream homes from the past 5 years.

HGTV/ YouTubeThe 2019 HGTV dream home is just one type of million-dollar home the network gives away for free.
  • Every year, HGTV gives away a dream home to one viewer.
  • In 2019, the network gave away a $US2.3 million mountain retreat in Montana.
  • In 2015, HGTV gave away a $US2 million home on Martha’s Vineyard.
  • A number of winners have chosen not to move into the new home and instead accept a cash prize.
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HGTV is best known for its dramatic home makeovers. That’s why each year millions of people enter to win the network’s dream home.

Every year, HGTV builds a million-dollar home in a state of their choice and gives it away to a lucky viewer they choose from a lottery drawing. These homes have expertly designed spaces, state-of-the-art appliances, and breathtaking views.

From Montana to Florida, these are the most recent dream homes HGTV has given away.

The 2019 HGTV dream home is a mountain retreat located in Whitefish, Montana. The home is valued at $US2.3 million.

HGTV/ YouTubeThe 2019 HGTV dream home.

This million-dollar home is nestled amongst the trees in Montana, overlooking some of the most breathtaking scenery of the state.

The front door opens into the “great room,” which is decorated with a moose’s head and a wrap-around couch.

HGTV/ YouTubeThe ‘great room’ in the 2019 dream home.

The living space has an industrial feel, especially with its fireplace, which is covered in sheet metal. The other focal point of the room is the floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the stunning landscape.

The “great room” easily flows into the kitchen, which has a massive island.

HGTV/ YouTubeKitchen in the 2019 dream home.

This kitchen is perfect for entertaining dinner guests because it is open and airy. The stainless steel appliances and blackened cabinets are sure to impress any visitor.

On the other side of the house, you will find the master suite, which also overlooks the landscape.

HGTV/ YouTubeThe master suite in the 2019 dream home.

The iron canopy bed can easily fit in this master bedroom because of the vaulted ceilings.

The master bedroom leads into the bathroom, which has a tub inside the walk-in shower.

HGTV/ YouTubeMaster bathroom in the 2019 dream home.

A glass wall separates the sink and bathing area in a beautiful, modern design. The bathroom also has a double vanity and a private toilet room.

Upstairs there are guest bedrooms, like this one that uses bookshelves as the headboard.

HGTV/ YouTubeA guest bedroom in the 2019 dream home.

This is the perfect room to get a little night reading done.

Back on the main floor, there’s a bonus room that’s perfect for entertaining your guests.

HGTV/ YouTubeEntertaining space in the 2019 dream home.

This room is perfect for game night, movie night, or even workout time.

Beverly Fulkerson of Osgood, Indiana, won the 2019 dream house.

HGTV/ YouTubeThe 2019 HGTV dream home.

“I entered knowing that I would never win,” she said at the time of winning. “I would love to be sitting on that porch.”

The 2018 HGTV dream home in Gig Harbour, Washington, was valued at $US1.8 million.

HGTV/ YouTubeHGTV’s 2018 dream home.

Located just outside of Seattle, this dream home is a waterfront, three-level house that is perfect for any nature lover.

The “great room” has floor-to-ceiling windows that have unobstructed views of the Puget Sound.

YouTube/ HGTVHGTV’s dream home in 2018.

The “great room” also has a marble-tiled fireplace that will warm up the entire main level in the colder months. The living space also opens up into a dining room that can easily seat six people.

On the opposite side of the main floor, you can find the main kitchen.

Morrison House Sotheby’s International Realty/ YouTubeThe kitchen in HGTV’s dream house of 2018.

The kitchen is equipped with stainless steel appliances, dark wood countertops, and a stain resistant stone backsplash.

Upstairs on the top floor is the master bedroom that has a nature-inspired colour scheme.

HGTV/ YouTubeMaster bedroom in the 2018 HGTV dream house.

Artist Celery Jones painted the mural on the back wall after he was inspired by 1940s billboards. The mural ties into the colour scheme that is inspired by a seaside resort.

The master suite has a soaking tub and a walk-in shower.

HGTV/ YouTubeMaster bathroom in the 2018 HGTV dream home.

On the opposite wall, there are double vanities. With white tiles and a massive skylight, the bathroom has an open, bright feel.

On the bottom floor, there is another seating area and bar for entertaining.

Morrison House Sotheby’s International Realty/ YouTubeLounge room on the bottom floor of the 2018 HGTV dream house.

The downstairs den has a TV, gaming consoles, and work out equipment.

You can find guest rooms on the bottom floor, so you can entertain guests all weekend long.

HGTV/ YouTubeLavender guest bedroom in 2018 HGTV’s dream home.

There are three guest bedrooms on the bottom floor, each named after its colour scheme – pink, lavender, and blue and grey.

Emily Muniz of Nashville won the four-bedroom, three-bath home back in 2018.

Although Muniz won, she opted to take the cash prize instead of moving into the million dollar home.

“Obviously moving into an HGTV-designed home on the water is a once-in-a-lifetime chance that’s not easy to turn down,” Muniz told People. “My husband and I honeymooned in Vancouver and Seattle and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. While we would have loved to have moved in, it just wasn’t the right time to uproot our daughter from school and change jobs while also trying to tackle the finances that come along with such an expensive property.”

The 2017, the HGTV dream home was located in St. Simons Island, Georgia, and valued at $US1.7 million.

HGTV/ YouTubeThe 2017 HGTV dream home.

This million-dollar waterfront home is a remodeled ranch-style house with three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a laundry room, and a stunning pool.

Upon walking into the dream home, you immediately enter the living room.

HGTV/ YouTubeLiving room in HGTV’s 2017 dream home.
In this space, the ceilings are vaulted and covered in Pecky Cypress wood. The wood ceiling compliments the earthy colour scheme throughout the home.

The kitchen design was inspired by the nature that surrounds the dream home.

HGTV/ YouTubeKitchen in 2017’s HGTV dream home.
The kitchen is equipped with a36-inch stainless steel stove that has six burners. The island in the center of the woodsy kitchen is multifunctional as it has a deep sink.

Down the hall from the kitchen, you will find a navy blue master bedroom.

HGTV/ YouTubeMaster bedroom in the 2017 dream home.

Off to the right of the bed, there is an open seating area that is the perfect spot to read a good book or to watch the sunset.

The serene master bathroom has a freestanding tub and a walk-in shower.

HGTV/ YouTubeMaster bathroom in 2017 dream home.

The bathroom also has a private toilet room, double vanities, and exquisite design details.

In addition to two guest bedrooms, there is a pool lounge that connects the indoors and outdoors.

HGTV/ YouTubePool lounge in the 2017 dream home.

While the pool lounge is a cosy, serene place, there are also glass doors that can slide all the way back to create a seamless transition into the backyard pool area.

The built-in swimming pool is the perfect addition to this home’s scenic backyard.

HGTV/ YouTubeThe pool at the 2017 dream house.

The pool is also lined with lounge chairs, and there is a massive barbecue grill nearby and a gazebo.

Anna Spangler of Kutztown, Pennsylvania, won the 2017 dream home.

HGTV/ YouTubeThe 2017 HGTV dream home.
“It was surreal,” Spangler said at the time. “It is absolutely unbelievable!”

The 2016 HGTV dream home was located on Merrit Island, Florida, and cost about $US1.5 million.

Ethan Allen/ YouTubeThe 2016 HGTV dream home.

The exterior of this million-dollar home was inspired byMediterranean and Caribbean aesthetics.

The entrance of the home is grand, spilling into an open living room.

Ethan Allen/ YouTubeThe living room of the 2016 dream home.

The French doors that line the entire living room offer breathtaking views of the water just steps from the home. The coastal feel was brought into the space through the simple colours, the industrial rebar coffee table, and the water-themed artwork.

The living room flows directly into the open kitchen where the simple colours continue.

Ethan Allen/ YouTubeKitchen in the 2016 HGTV dream home.

The backsplash covers the wall all the way to the ceiling, while the stove’s range hood makes the kitchen feel more professional.

By the kitchen, you will find the media room, which is sprinkled with pops of colours.

Ethan Allen/ YouTubeThe media room in the 2016 dream home.

The room was meant to be a break from the simple colour scheme that is seen in the rest of the house. While watching TV is probably a popular option in this room, you can also open the French doors and enjoy the beautiful Florida weather.

The vibrant colours continue upstairs in the teal master suite.

Ethan Allen/ YouTubeMaster suite in the 2016 dream home.

While the master suite is all about the colour contrast, it’s also about the view. Not only does the room face the water, it also opens up onto a private balcony.

The master suite comes with a Roman tub and an impressive walk-in shower.

Ethan Allen/ YouTubeMaster bathroom in the 2016 dream home.

The bathroom is equipped with two separate water stations, but the tub is the real centrepiece of this room.

Outside of the dream house, there is a beautiful pool with jaw-dropping views.

JELD-WEN Windows and Doors/ YouTubeOutdoor space at the 2016 dream home.

The pool patio is an entertainer’s dream. Filled with couches, lounge chairs, and umbrellas, it has room for every guest.

David Rennie of Connecticut won the three bedroom home.

JELD-WEN Windows and Doors/ YouTubeThe HGTV dream home in 2016.

Rennie recently received a kidney transplant but was just as excited about winning the dream home.

“I thought I won the lottery with the kidney. That was life-changing, but so is this. It’s incredible,” he said at the time. “We just never thought it could get any better.”

In the end, Rennie took the cash option and did not move into the Florida dream home.

The 2015 HGTV dream home was located on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. It is valued at $US2 million.

Ethan Allen/ YouTubeThe 2015 HGTV dream home.

This million-dollar vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard is the perfect example of Cape Cod architecture.

The front door swings open into the “great room,” which acts as a living room and dining room combo with vaulted ceilings.

Ethan Allen/ YouTubeThe living room in the 2015 dream home.

The room maintains a simple colour scheme with light blues sprinkled throughout. Built-in bookshelves surround a stone fireplace, which has a TV hidden above it.

Next to the “great room,” you will find the kitchen, which is equipped with stainless steel appliances.

HGTV/ YouTubeKitchen in the 2015 dream home.

The focal point of the kitchen is the island, which has extra seating and a deep sink. Above the island is a skylight that lets in the beautiful Massachusetts light throughout the day.

One wing of the house includes the vaulted master bedroom.

Ethan Allen/ YouTubeThe master bedroom in the 2015 dream home.

The tranquil space is filled with windows, letting in natural light. As if that isn’t enough, the room also has two French doors that open out onto the patio. The vaulted ceiling is outlined in wood beams, allowing for a more earthy feel to the serene space.

The two side bedrooms and the living room all have doors to this outside patio space that can entertain guests all night long.

Ethan Allen/ YouTubeThe back patio of the 2015 dream home.

Serenity flows both in and outside of this house, in which you could easily enjoy the views of Martha’s Vineyard in comfortable outdoor seating.

Kathy O’Dell of Huntsville, Alabama, won the three-bedroom home back in 2015.

HGTV/ YouTubeThe 2015 HGTV dream home.
“We watch every minute of the ‘HGTV Dream Home’ when it’s revealed on New Year’s Day,” O’Dell said at the time. “And every night while we were watching HGTV, my husband and I would both enter online twice. We talked about winning the home every time we entered, but it’s still hard to wrap our heads around the fact we actually won!”
But O’Dell opted for the money prize instead and the house was sold to a new buyer.

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