A tour guide says he was one of the bystanders who thwarted the knife-wielding attacker on the London Bridge and 'kicked him in the head'

BEN STANSALL/AFP via Getty ImagesA police forensic officer on London Bridge, where armed police officers shot a suspect on November 29.
  • A tour guide and his colleague were two of the bystanders praised for their heroism after they apprehended the knife-wielding terrorism suspect on the London Bridge on Friday.
  • Stevie Hurst was driving a Mini Cooper across the bridge for an “Italian Job”-themed tour when he stopped and ran over to about five other bystanders who were kicking the downed suspect in an attempt to get his weapon away from him, The Telegraph reported.
  • “I jumped in and kicked him in the head to make him release his knife,” Hurst told The Telegraph. “He was shouting ‘get off me, get off me.'”
  • Two victims were killed, and another three were injured in the knife attack deemed a terrorist attack by London police, who shot and killed the suspect.
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Stevie Hurst, 32, was driving a Mini Cooper across the London Bridge as part of an “Italian Job”-inspired tour of the city on Friday when he stopped, noticing a commotion.

He told The Telegraph that he exited the vehicle and ran to where “about five” bystanders surrounded a downed knife-wielding attacker who killed two people and injured three before being shot and killed by police in what is being considered a terrorist attack.

Hurst “kicked him in the head” along with the other Londoners being regarded as heroes for their actions to disarm the suspect.

The tour guide and one of his colleagues reached the suspect before the police did, and Hurst said the attacker was still holding the knife when he approached him. At one point, the suspect rolled over to reveal a hoax suicide vest, but the civilians trying to restrain him had no idea it wasn’t real.

“I don’t know why I ran over,” Hurst told The Telegraph. “I jumped in and kicked him in the head to make him release his knife. A few others did so. He was shouting ‘get off me, get off me.'”

Once the suspect rolled over, exposing what Hurst feared was an explosive vest, he released the knife. The bystanders prevented him from escaping until the police arrived and told the civilians to “get the f— back.”

“They had rifles. They put three rounds into him,” Hurst said. “He was still lying there for about five minutes sorting himself out, trying to cover himself with his jacket.”

Police killed the suspect at the scene at about 2 p.m. and said they were keeping an “open mind” about the motive behind the incident as the investigation continues. London Mayor Sadiq Khan and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson both praised the bystanders like Hurst who intervened before police.

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