For $2,000 a night, you can rent RVs that Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and Dolly Parton once used as tour buses — take a look inside

Courtesy of Hemphill BrothersThis RV starts at $US2,000 per night.
  • Hemphill Brothers, an RV company in Nashville, usually rents out RVs to celebrities, but since the coronavirus cancelled all music tours, members of the public can rent the RVs instead.
  • The RVs start at $US2,000 per night and come with a driver, seven beds, and a full kitchen.
  • The RVs also have outdoor TVs, showers, and WiFi.
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For 40 years, the Hemphill Brothers have built modern, luxury RVs for celebrities including Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Cher, Dolly Parton, and Oprah, but when the coronavirus hit, concert tours and events across the country were put on hold. Brothers Trent and Joey Hemphill had to suddenly think of a new way to operate their business.

Now, the Nashville-based company is opening up its RVs to the general public for the first time. These luxury vehicles that celebrities once used as tour buses can be yours for short stays… starting at $US2,000 a night.

Take a look inside some of these luxury homes on wheels.

Before the pandemic, Hemphill Brothers offered celebrities two types of services: a complete and customised RV renovation or nightly, weekly, and monthly rentals.

Courtesy of Hemphill BrothersJoey and Trent Hemphill.

Earlier this year, Hemphill Brothers was almost fully booked for summer 2020. By mid-March, however, celebrities started cancelling their tours and therefore cancelling their RV reservations.

“We had the Cher tour out with about 11 buses, and Post Malone was out with another 10 buses,” Trent said, but slowly they all started coming home.

Joey added, “Because music is not going right now, we had to pivot our business.”

They decided to open up reservations for their 115 RVs to the general public for the first time in 40 years.

Courtesy of Hemphill BrothersThe company has over 100 RVs.

“This is what’s so unique about right now,” Trent said. “People can go on road trips to see this great country of ours safely.”

The price of each trip varies, but typically, it starts around $US2,000 per day.

Courtesy of Hemphill BrothersOne of the RVs.

The company can help travellers build a custom schedule and itinerary that fits their needs. If the renter intends on driving for a few days straight, the price will go up. Likewise, if they plan on parking the RV at a national park for a few days, the price will go down.

Each rental comes with at least one personal driver.

Courtesy of Hemphill BrothersInside one the RVs.

When the RV parks for the night, the driver will head to a hotel and return to meet the guests in the morning.

“These drivers are the best in the world,” Joey said. “They have driven the biggest music artists in the world, so they know who to interact with people and give them a smooth ride and then give them their space when they need it.”

Each RV has seven beds and can sleep up to eight people.

Courtesy of Hemphill BrothersThe master bedroom.

Two people can sleep in the queen bed in the back of the vehicle, and then there are usually six bunk beds as well. The company provides each bed with bedding.

There are also two restrooms located on the RVs.

Courtesy of Hemphill BrothersThe bathroom.

Since the bathrooms have showers, guests don’t have to stop at a hotel or rest-stop to bathe.

Full kitchens, or galleys, are also found on the motorhomes.

Courtesy of Hemphill BrothersThe kitchen.

In the kitchen, there’s a stovetop, microwave, and refrigerator.

Hemphill Brothers does not typically provide any food, but if guests want food included in their reservation, the brothers said they can work that into the price as well.

As for amenities, there is WiFi and satellite TV, both of which can be accessed outside the home.

Courtesy of Hemphill BrothersThe outside bay entertainment.

Some of the company’s RVs are equipped with bay entertainment systems, so guests can watch TV outside.

“If you want to sit and watch TV in the Grand Canyon, we can do that,” Joey said.

The entire RV is electronic and almost everything can be controlled via a tablet.

Courtesy of Hemphill BrothersThe tablet controls everything on the RVs.

The doors, windows, and pop-outs can all be controlled electronically.

“We can pick you up at your door and then we can take you all over the country and drop you back off at your door,” Trent Hemphill said.

Courtesy of Hemphill BrothersInterior of one of the RVs.

Although Hemphill Brothers is located in Nashville, Tennessee, you don’t have to travel to the city to meet your RV and driver – they will come to you.

“Nobody else can do that,” Trent said. “This is a rolling five-star hotel on wheels.”

Since guests don’t have to come into contact with anyone, the brothers also said it’s one of the safest ways to travel right now.

Courtesy of Hemphill BrothersInterior of one of the RVs.

Before each trip, the drivers are tested for COVID-19 and the buses are sterilized.

“You can travel with very low risk and have the trip of your lifetime,” Trent said.

“You can have a front-row seat to the whole United States,” Joey Hemphill said.

Courtesy of Hemphill BrothersThe exterior of one of the RVs for rent.

His brother, Trent, added, “Down the road, it will open up, and music will be back, and people may feel safe to fly to Europe again, but right now, it’s this unique opportunity. Usually, these types of vehicles are on the road with rock n’ roll or country music stars. Right now, these RVs are available, and instead of going to Europe, you can experience the United States.”

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