TOUR: After Hours At Yammer, The Hot S.F. Startup That Just Scored $85 Million


Photo: Boonsri Dickinson, Business Insider

Being social — both online and offline — is in Yammer’s DNA. After all, it’s basically a social network for corporations.  We visited Yammer’s headquarters in San Francisco during happy hour last Friday. 

We got there just in time for their Street Fighter tournament.

Yammer just announced raising a round of $85 million. This Friday happy hour was extra happy from what we could tell.

Senior mobile engineer Ardit Bajraktari is our tour guide. He took us over to the Street Fighter II tournament, which Yammer holds every four months.

On the company Yammer page, somebody posted a link to a Gamerator, which is an arcade machine and a built-in keg! CEO David Sacks saw that somebody posted it and bought one for the office.

Engineer Bob Remeika started the tournament.

Recruiting director Joe Cheung helped Yammer grow from 100 to 300 in less than a year. His friend from Twitter joked that she came here to poach talent. They are actually good friends from their previous gig at Salesforce.

Designer Paul Bloch took a break to play with his dog Maggie. Yammer has more than 20 dogs roaming around.

Don Otvos, employee #35, told us that Yammer CEO David Sacks likes to play poker. When Sacks was at the World Series of Poker, he bet Jason Calacanis some shares. Calacanis lost.

Otvos told us about another tradition called #shamehat, a tag used to disparage people who leave their computer screen unlocked when they walk away. Otvos started it by posting an emoticon when his colleague (the woman on the right, Preeya Jayakar) went to the kitchen. Someone confused the emoticon with a hat, so now they just use the more PC version....#shamehat.

Oscar Godson is the baby here. He's only 21-years-old. His nickname is Justin Bieber. See the resemblance?

Web engineering director Zack Parker is getting the team ready for the weekly deployment. In non-engineering speak, that means releasing new features and making improvements so that Yammer runs better for its 4 million users.

It's getting crowded. Quality assurance engineer Ailin Fang (the woman on the right) started out as a receptionist.

As soon as QA engineer Joyce Hon walked in the room, the guys handed her a drink. They joked that they are just trying to get her drunk, so she can't find the bugs and they can go home early.

This is the CEO's office. Sacks was in Europe for a Yammer customer tour. That's Winston Churchill, not a gangster as we originally thought.

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