The Same Gun Used To Murder Jewish Schoolchildren This Morning Also Killed 3 French Paratroopers Last Week

France Toulouse Rabbi Shooting Police

Photo: AP

The latest reports from France confirm what many had been expecting.The gun used to kill three French paratroopers last week was the same used to kill three schoolchildren and a rabbi this morning, a source told AP.

As we reported last week, all of the paratroopers targeted last week were of Arabic or North African origin, and the shooting today occurred outside a Jewish-school in Toulouse.

Without wanting to jump to conclusions, it’s now looking like the attacks are the work of a far right terrorist or serial killer.

Remember, Marine Le Pen of the far-right National Front has been enjoying a solid amount of support recently, and Nicolas Sarkozy has been speaking with a noticably nationalistic rhetoric recently, in what appears to be a bid to capture her voters (he told a crowd this month that there were “too many foreigners” in France) — we can’t help but think these attacks may be very important in next month’s elections.

Sarkozy has affectively suspended his campaign to visit the city, the Telegraph reports, and Socialist rival Francois Hollande is on his way.

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