The Toughest Part Of Being CEO Is Having No Boss

There’s a downside to being at the very top of the food chain: you have no boss.

In a recent video interview with the Wall Street Journal, Robert Sanchez, the CEO of transport and supply management company Ryder, discusses how the biggest challenge of his first year in office was having no superior.

“Throughout my entire career, I’ve always had somebody to go to when I have a decision or something that I’m working on,” he explains. “And when you’re the CEO, people come to you, and you have to work with those groups and learn that the buck stops with you.”

Sanchez says the transition was “unsettling” at first but that he’s adjusted in recent months. He also notes that he’s always made a point of pushing himself beyond his comfort zone. In his 20 years at Ryder, he’s held 14 or 15 different jobs that all taught him new skills.

“In each of them I learned a lot,” he says. “I was forced into leadership positions and into situations that I had to learn quickly something new about the business, and I think that helped me grow.”

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