These are the toughest IT roles to fill in Australia

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Now that the summer shutdown is well and truly behind us, IT job hunters are back on the prowl for their next big opportunity. But what are the in demand skills that will help land your next gig?

Recruitment firm Hays has looked through their listings and pulled together a list of the skills that are being targeted by IT businesses looking for new personnel.

Developers, developers, developers

If you can cut code, then there are plenty of potential jobs out there. Hays says PHP, Drupal iOS, Android and Microsoft SQL BI devs are going to be in high demand.

And, as you’d expect, DevOps experience is also highly sought after.

The pool of available talent is shallow so there are lots of jobs with the promise of great salaries.


Given the massive number of new vulnerabilities and threats that are being exposed and exploited, it’s no surprise there is continuing high demand for professionals that can help with everything from security operations through to strategy. Demand is high and supply is short.

In particular, Hays says “Candidates with web, mobile, application and security operation experience will be required”.


If you have experience in helping businesses transition from on-prem to cloud, either with SaaS or IaaS, then Hays is expecting lots of opportunities in the first half of this year.

Making yourself a better candidate

On the recruitment side, Hays says candidate screening is going to get smarter as companies start to use AI. While this is in its infancy, it’s a good idea to keep track of what’s going on so you can ensure your CV is developed in a way that makes the AI’s job easier and increases the likelihood of your application bubbling to the top of the stack.

Employers are likely to also use AR and VR to give candidates the ability to virtually tour workplaces and get a better idea of the buildings they are considering. And that interactivity goes the other way with candidates likely to be expected to start embedding video in LinkedIn profiles and other job-seeking tools.

You can read Hays complete analysis of IT skills that are currently in demand here.

This first appeared at Lifehacker Australia. See the original here.

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