12 of the hardest interview questions you have to answer to become a flight attendant

Flight attendant job candidates interview ChinaChina Photos/Getty ImagesGetting past the interview stage for some airlines is said to be harder than getting into Harvard.

It’s been said that it’s harder to get invited to the Delta flight-attendant training center than to get into Harvard University.

“It’s very competitive, and people get passed over all the time,” Annette Long, a flight attendant with 14 years of experience, previously told Business Insider about the flight attendant hiring process.

If a candidate has a compelling enough résumé, they may face a variety of interview techniques including video interviews, Q&A sessions, and in-person meetings.

Long says that many flight attendants apply and interview several times before getting the job, having to wait six months to a year between interviews because job openings are so scarce.

“When you make that first impression, you’ve gotta do it perfectly — you don’t get a second chance,” she says.

Here are some of the toughest questions flight-attendant candidates have faced along the way, according to anonymous candidates on Glassdoor:

'You are mid-flight and the pilot asks you to preform a task which you are not authorised to preform. How would you handle the situation?' -- Air Wisconsin Airlines flight attendant candidate


'Create a PA announcement for a couple celebrating their 50th year anniversary' -- Delta Air Lines flight attendant candidate

'If a coworker was removing items from the aircraft would you talk to them about it first or report to management?' -- Delta Air Lines flight attendant candidate

'What would you do if a passenger told you it was their loved one's remains inside the urn they were holding and they didn't want to place it underneath the seat?' -- Alaska Airlines flight attendant candidate

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'If you were working and there was a passenger complaining about sitting next to someone of a different race, how would you handle it?' -- ExpressJet Airlines flight attendant candidate

'Can you recall a time when you had to break an obligation, and for what reason?' -- JetBlue flight attendant candidate

'What is the international distress signal?' -- US Airways flight attendant candidate

'If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would you be?' -- American Airlines flight attendant candidate

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'Convince us that you can work under pressure.' -- Virgin America flight attendant candidate


'Describe a time you were in an emergency situation and how did you handle it?' -- Southwest Airlines flight attendant candidate

Aly Weisman/Business Insider

'A fellow employee is texting during take off -- what do you do?' -- Alaska Airlines flight attendant candidate

Flight/Paramount Pictures

'How many basketballs would fit in this room?' -- Delta Air Lines flight attendant candidate

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