Sorry, But HP's TouchPad Is No Threat To Apple's iPad

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Photo: AP

HP unveiled its iPad clone, the TouchPad today.While the TouchPad is not a complete disaster — it looks pretty nice, and seems to have good software — it is NOT a significant threat to Apple’s iPad.

We still expect Apple to dominate the tablet market for years to come.

Why isn’t HP a threat?

  • It’s not better than the iPad — especially the improved iPad 2 that is already in production. The hardware and software need to be MUCH BETTER than the iPad to stand out — a “leapfrog” product — and they’re not. Sure, there is nifty wireless “Touchstone” charging. But that’s not a big deal.
  • No developer advantage. Sure, “Angry Birds” is coming to the TouchPad. And the Kindle app. But this is HP playing catch-up to Apple — not leading. The TouchPad developer ecosystem is WAY behind iOS.
  • No distribution advantage. Apple has the Apple Store. Android has a massive partner network. HP doesn’t have much.
  • No price advantage. At least nothing that HP wanted to announce today.

Sure, some people will buy the HP TouchPad, because some people buy everything. But we do NOT see a serious threat to the iPad here.

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