These touching stories of same-sex couples from Humans of New York show that true love is everywhere

HUMANS OF NEW YORK‘What’s surprised you most about being a parent?’ ‘The love.’

In a city of over 8 million people, photographer Brandon Stanton always comes across the most interesting ones. His massively popular blogHumans of New Yorkbegan to take shape after Stanton lost his job in the bond trading market and moved to NYC in 2010, determined to create a catalogue of the city’s diverse and fascinating population.

The blog grew in popularity quickly, and Stanton released a bestselling book of his work in 2013. Soon afterward, he was commissioned by the United Nations to accompany an international photographic tour to capture and record stories of humans around the world.

In the wake of Friday’s momentous Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide, we’ve compiled some of the best stories from same-sex couples Stanton has photographed over the past few years and shared them with you below.

'Tell me your favourite thing about each other,' Stanton asked this couple, who was coming up on one year of marriage. 'Her ability to intuit my moods,' said one. 'Her living room choreography of every song that comes on the radio,' said the other.

'I love his eyes and his belly,' this couple said.

'We just got back from the prom.'

'I went to a psychic the day before I met him. She told me I was about to meet the woman of my dreams. I said: 'I'm gay.''

Stanton was actually a part of this wedding unexpectedly. He says, 'I was in line at the City Clerk's Marriage Bureau, waiting for (another couple) to register, when I spotted these two. They were from Dallas, but had decided to marry in New York. When I asked for their photograph, they told me they needed a witness for their marriage. So my name is actually on their marriage certificate.'

'What's surprised you most about being a parent?' Stanton asked these two. 'The love,' they responded.

'I love how much he knows about Science -- especially Chemistry. Chemistry really turns me on.'

'We met on a dating site twelve years ago. I sent her a message saying: 'I want to let you know up front that I'm in a wheelchair, because I can't hide it.' And she wrote back: 'Why? Is it bright yellow?''

These two were best friends in high school. 'Did you both know the other was gay?' Stanton asked. 'I knew she was. She didn't know I was,' one of the women replied. 'So how did she find out?' he asked. 'I wrote her a love letter.'

'We're gay refugees from Iran.'

Stanton says, 'After they finished kissing, she took off her blue cape, and laid it over a woman sleeping on a nearby bench. It was such an unbelievably poetic moment, I actually chased them down to fact-check my own eyes. 'Excuse me. Was that your blue blanket?' 'Yes.' 'And you just gave it to her?' '….Yes, why?' 'Oh nothing.' '

'One time we were driving through Italy, and we were listening to a radio station that played nothing but melodramatic Italian love songs. So we started inventing translations. The stories we made up kept getting more and more ridiculous, and the laughter kept escalating until soon we were both in tears.'

'I was married to a woman when I met him,' one of these men told Stanton. 'Why did you marry a woman?' he asked. 'Because I thought being gay was a choice. Until the honeymoon.'

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