Do We Really Need A Touch Screen Mac?

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Apple appears set to release a touch screen iMac in the next few years, if not sooner.

Earlier this year, DigiTimes reported Apple was working on a touch screen Mac, set to be released this year. Now we have patent filings showing how it could work.

Patently Apple published the patent filings, which show a screen hinging forward, transitioning the computer from a standard OSX device to an iOS device.

Looks neat! But, how are people going to use it? And it this really all that necessary?

A few patent filings show some applications that could be used on a touch iMac, but none of them look all that exciting.

Perhaps Apple is just holding back, so as not to spill the beans about the revolutionary plans for this computer, but we just don’t see why people need this. Call us small minded, but we really don’t want to play with our desktop computer like we play with the iPad.

So what are we missing?

Here's what a touch iMac would look like.

Upright, it runs on Apple's standard operating system.

At an angle, it runs the lighter, touch focused iOS.

Here's one use for the touch screen, DJ in the home with your iMac.

A photo touch application, rotate on the screen and change the brightness?

Another touch application, this one for editing video.

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