PIZZA ROLLS NOT GENDER ROLES: Totino’s had a perfect response to a steamy ‘SNL’ parody ad

Totino's SNL
Vanessa Bayer strokes Kristen Stewart’s face with a pizza roll. Saturday Night Live

A “Saturday Night Live” pizza roll parody ad inspired a surprisingly feminist response from Totino’s. 

The faux Super Bowl commercial stars actress Kristen Stewart and “SNL” cast member Vanessa Bayer falling in love over Totino’s pizza rolls during the big game, as Bayer’s clueless husband and his friends watch football.

The duo’s steamy scenes in the kitchen, in which they lovingly caress each other with pizza rolls, are contrasted with the Super Bowl ad troupe of men yelling for more snacks — specifically, Totino’s. 

The parody Totino’s Super Bowl ad is a third of its kind from “SNL,” each starring Bayer as a manically-grinning housewife excluded from watching the game by the men in her home.

This year, it seems Totino’s was prepared to respond. 

After a tweet acknowledging the parody ad, Totino’s decided it was time to speak out in favour of pizza rolls over gender roles. 

Here’s the full parody ad, in all of its steamy pizza roll glory: 


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