This video got people talking about how David Cameron is spying on Jeremy Corbyn

Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn has completely shaken up the British political scene over the last few months and become a shock front-runner for the left-wing party’s leadership.

He’s making such a huge splash in British politics that the ruling Conservative party is keeping tabs on him. There is even a video from Channel 4 outing one of the audiences as a Tory party press officer.

Corbyn’s seen as a radical left-wing politician because he wants to undo a lot of the Labour party’s strategies and policies over the last few decades.  He has fully professed that he wants to hark back to a more socialist Britain seen in the 1970s Wilson/Callaghan Labour government where more companies are nationalised, austerity is abolished, and big business will be heavily taxed.

Corbyn is so uncompromising in his policies that he’s split the Labour camp in two, which the Tories want to use in their favour. 

You would think the ramp up in public support for Corbyn would be seen as a threat to the Conservative-led government, but Tories are actually hoping he’ll be elected as Labour leader. That’s because the party sees Corbyn as a death knell to the left-wing group and, which would help the Tories gain a larger majority in the long run

This may explain why a Conservative party press officer was at Corbyn’s latest event. The latest video
, shot by Britain’s Channel 4 News, identified Tory party press officer Mike Watkinson in the audience of a rally in Nuneaton, Warwickshire.

The Tory member responded “yes” when presenter Michael Crick asked “Mr. Watkinson?” However, when Crick asked if he’s with the Tory party, he said: “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

He then immediately fled the hall with right-wing newspaper The Daily Mail in hand, with Crick following in pursuit:

During a seriously awkward two minutes, Watkinson refused to answer or utter one word in response to Crick’s questions, which included:

“Why are you walking out?”

“Were you sent here by the Conservative party?”

“Have you come to gather intelligence?”

“Were you sent here by Conservative headquarters? You do seem to be leaving this meeting rather rapidly.”

Technically, there was nothing wrong with Watkinson being at the event since it was open to the public. However, it was a really embarrassing episode. Check it out the full cringeworthy saga here:


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