Tory Burch's Legal Battle With Her Ex Just Got Even Uglier

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For years Tory Burch and her ex-husband, Christopher, have been embroiled in an ugly legal spat.It appears that things just got even worse. 

The beef between the Burches is over him trying to sell his stake in her $2 billion fashion brand and her saying that his company, C. Wonder, copied her eponymous brand. 

Tory Burch’s attorney just offered the most candid comments anyone’s made in the case so far. 

“Tory Burch is saying it won’t let Christopher Burch sell out his interest and get hundreds of millions of dollars and continue to compete against the company [via C. Wonder],” Marc Wolinsky told Women’s Wear Daily.This guy ripped off Tory Burch. His product looks like our product, his stores look like our stores.

Christopher argues that his C. Wonder merchandise is much cheaper than Tory Burch and therefore is marketed to a completely different customer. 

And there’s the matter of him getting her business off the ground. 

Tory had no design or business experience when Christopher, a longtime veteran of the retail industry, invested millions into her company. 

He had sold his own apparel company for $60 million back in the eighties. Since then, he’s invested in and helped start dozens of retail companies. 

Eight years after Christopher helped Tory start her line, she owns a $2 billion empire. 

But Christopher just wants to move on with his life, according to WWD. 

“”The last thing Chris wanted to do was have a lawsuit against the Tory Burch company. He has a lot of his wealth invested in it,” his attorney said. “Chris is a reluctant plaintiff in this case.” 

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