These Photos Show Why Tory Burch Is Accusing Her Ex-Husband Of Copying Her Style

chris burch boutiqueThis C.Wonder boutique looks similar to Tory Burch stores.

Photo: Courtesy Tory Burch

Tory Burch and her ex-husband, Chris, have been fighting a legal battle that’s the talk of the fashion industry. Her people say that his new line, C. Wonder, shamelessly copies her eponymous one. Meanwhile, his supporters say that Chris, a retail veteran who invested $2 million in Tory Burch, is the real mastermind behind the success of the brand. 

Tory Burch’s company sent us photos from the countersuit against Chris, which show how aesthetically similar his boutiques are to hers

We explored both companies’ websites and found that many of the products look nearly identical. But C. Wonder’s products are much cheaper, meaning that it is essentially selling the same things for less. 

Decide for yourself whether the similarities are the result of preppy inspiration or blatant copying. 

Here's the bright door to a Tory Burch boutique.

This is the door to the C. Wonder boutique.

The inside of Tory Burch's boutique includes bright colours, patterned rugs and built-in shelves.

The C. Wonder store has similar qualities.

Here's an oversized round ottoman in Tory Burch's boutique.

And here's an oversized ottoman in one of C. Wonder's boutiques.

Now on to the products. The retail price for this shiny plaid skirt by Tory Burch is $375.

C. Wonder sells this one for $168.

These slippers by Tory Burch are $95.

These embroidered slipper/loafers by C. Wonder are $128.

This is Tory Burch's $435 leather tote bag.

C. Wonder sells this black nylon tote for $78. Note the similar gold logo.

While C. Wonder's $148 version is nylon, the design is nearly identical.

Here's C. Wonder's version which sells for $78, gold buttons and all.

Tory Burch sells these leather drivers for $275.

These are C. Wonder's pebbled leather driving shoes, which retail for $98.

These plaid cropped pants by Tory Burch are $295.

C. Wonder sells nearly identical pants in red for $168.

Here's Tory Burch's reversible logo belt. It's $195.

C. Wonder sells a reversible leather belt for $48.

This is Tory Burch's $155 logo stud bracelet.

C. Wonder sells this signature enamel buckle for $38.

This is a Tory Burch link choker, which sells for $265.

Here's a chain link choker, by C. Wonder which sells for $88.

This is a $255 necklace by Tory Burch.

C. Wonder sells a similar one for $78.

Even the aesthetic of the company's logos are similar. Here's Tory Burch:

And here's C. Wonder:

You've seen why Tory Burch is suing...

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