Tory Burch Says Her Ex Stole Her Investors And Is Covering His Trail

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[credit provider=”Courtesy Tory Burch”]

Tory Burch’s lawsuit accusing her ex-husband of copying her just keeps getting uglier.Now, Tory is accusing Chris Burch of withholding travel documents that could help prove that he used her investors, aesthetic and resources to copy her with his C. Wonder store, reports Alexandra Steigrad at Women’s Wear Daily.

Steigrad reports:

“In essence, Tory Burch alleges that her ex-­husband, who was paid $11 million as a consultant for the brand as a director, used the experience to do research for his own retail concept. Tory Burch claims that Chris Burch’s attorneys are intentionally delaying the release of “pertinent” travel documents that will shed light on his extensive business travels and motives.

This is part of Tory Burch’s larger narrative, which alleges that Chris Burch is omitting a host of critical files that are central to the case, including documents that back up Chris Burch’s argument that Tory Burch and board members thwarted the sale process of his shares in the company.”

Chris, a longtime retail veteran, gave Tory $2 million to start her eponymous brand when they were still married in 2004. Now the brand is worth $2 billion, and Tory’s ex-husband is still on the board.

In the most recent filing, Tory speculates that her ex-husband used inside financial data to find investors for his brand, C. Wonder. Tory also alleges that C. Wonder copies her products.

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